Semicolon Necklace-Gold

Semicolon Necklace-Gold

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A symbol of strength for those suffering depression, addiction, suicidal thoughts or other struggles with mental health.
Semicolons in language mean a pause, a break, before the continuation of the sentence, or the rest of the story. 

The semicolon has become a recognizable symbol of encouragement to keep pushing through, that there is better times coming, or a reminder of a time you pushed through- that you made it through what you thought was the end. 

Whatever this necklace brings to you, I hope it brings you the knowledge that your story isn’t over.

This world needs you. 

**a portion of sales will be donated to Addiction & Mental Health Services**

Made of nickel-free stainless steel, and/or plated Yellow Gold.

Chains are approx 14" and 17” in length with a 2" extender.