Linen High Low Shirt Dress
Linen High Low Shirt Dress

Linen High Low Shirt Dress

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Pistache offers elevated essentials that stand the test of time, providing women with versatile wardrobe options that span seasons, ages and lifestyles.

Inspired by the effortless simplicity of nature, Pistache offers a tonal, monochromatic palette that blends seamlessly into your surroundings. Not driven by trends, we focus on developing pieces that will not phase out, but rather grow and evolve with your wardrobe.

We offer versatile silhouettes in luxe fabrics at approachable prices, ensuring both quality and value as you build a sustainable, lasting wardrobe. With a focus on reducing waste and increasing garment longevity, we help you make simple, conscious fashion choices that contribute to a healthier planet.

Solely produced in Italy, our timeless essentials layered with modern classics exude an elevated European flair.