Journals for Grammar Police
Journals for Grammar Police

Journals for Grammar Police

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Way to go!

Just wanted to shoot a quick message to let you know how impressed we all are that you finally figured out the difference between your and you're, thanks to Facebook trolls. True, it was something the rest of us learned in first grade, but what the hell. Welcome to the club, smarty pants. But as a club member, you now have to quit whining about everyone else's grammatical errors. Trust me, you're still making some.

Grammar Police 3-Pack Journals Set Contains:
- Violations of Your/You're
- Unsolicited Grammatical Revisions I've Sent to Random Companies
- Official Grammar Police Manual

Comes with three different 4" x 5.5" journals banded together.
Journals are pocket-sized with rounded corners, blank pages, and sturdy blue, ivory, and black covers.